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Combining over 20 years of experience as a Business Numerologist, guiding hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world, being an Award Winning CEO, Mother, Wife, Masters Graduate from London School of Economics and Industry Judge for UK national awarding bodies, I know what it takes to go all the way as a leader and as a business owner. 

I want you to succeed. 

I'll show you the way. 

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Introducing you to The Works: An inspirational, applicable and calculable approach to having the works in your life. 

Working through the 9 Parts that formulate the body of The Works you’ll go on a life changing journey to have the prosperous life you’re destined to have. Your quest will take you through 9 stages from discovering the truth of who you are, the plan you need for year on year growth, to the work you need to master to prove your worth to the timing of landing the place of your dreams. 

It's time to come home to who you are. 

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This declaration of intention, has been designed to inspire you each and every day to show up, do what you love, make a difference and live the prosperous life you're destined to have.  

You'll spend over a third of your life working, so follow the call of your heart to honour the truth of who you are, your natural brilliance and what you love to do.

This Manifesto serves to fire you up to remember your calling and to do the work that's worthy of your precious mind, body and soul. 

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This ancient branch of knowledge, over 5000 years old, unlocks Universal Truths through the language of numbers. It is a logic that through order, provides meaning, purpose and direction to life.

As a powerful tool for personal development, Numerology reveals insights that clarify who you are, what you're capable of and the precise timing of when to take action to achieve your full potential. Your date of birth and your birth name provide the key to unlocking your truth.

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