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This ancient branch of knowledge reveals who you are and the work you’re here to do in this lifetime. This information is derived from the interpretation of numerical codes which are unique to you. These codes are calculated from your date of birth and the numbers that correspond to the letters in your birth name.

Discovering your unique numerical codes, opens up a powerful body of self-knowledge, that can be applied to every area of your life for growth and prosperity. These insights energise you and inspire you to get moving in the right direction. When you discover the simple truth of who you are, it’s a light-bulb moment. ‘Ah-Ha, YES, that’s who I am and this is the fulfilling work I was born to do’. With astonishing precision you get clarity on your ‘raison d’etre.’ 

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Practically, Numerology can be used as a fire-starting tool to activate both your personal and business development. It puts the spark back in your life and kindles your courage to live the life desire.

Yes, it's that powerful. 

​This knowledge inspires and energises you. The seeker of the truth. 

​It awakens in you a power that you’ve had all along. You just needed to be reminded of your potential and to be directed towards taking action that feels meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling. The work that makes you feel alive. The work that has you jumping out of bed each day.  The work that makes a difference in the world. 

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Frea O'Brien, My Numerologist

The study of Numerology gives you the inside track to ‘Know Thyself’. Knowledge is power when it is put into practical action towards achieving your desired goals. When you see yourself clearly and realise what you’re capable of, you have the courage to take the quantum leap, from what seemed impossible, for so long, to that split second revelation that 'Holy S***, I'M POSSIBLE'.

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The brilliance of your numerological code, your unique Prosperity Code, is that it is like a personal ‘barcode.' This ‘barcode’ provides quick identification of your unique specification and application! For example, your specification includes your skills, optimum career path, special task in this lifetime, calling, personality and true self. Your application directs you to take timed action each year for optimum growth and prosperity.

Sounds like magic right? Well let’s take a look at the mechanics behind the scenes to understand how your Prosperity Code works. Knowing how it can help you work out your potential,  gives you more confidence to take it seriously enough, to use it to have 'The Works' in your life. 

First of all. let me woo you with the Language of Numbers.  


Naturally you’d think of the building blocks of language including 'words' and your 'country of origin'. However, it is Numbers that are actually the simplest and oldest language in our world.  At the root of Numerology lies the understanding that numbers are THE universal language. It is numbers that help you make sense of your world and enable you to connect, understand and relate to others. Any time. Any place. Anywhere. 

The word ‘Numerology’ has it’s origins in the Latin word ‘numerus’ meaning ‘number’ and the Greek word, ‘logia’ from ‘logos’ meaning identity, thought, word and expression. Numerology helps you figure yourself out. 

Numbers identify, categorise and order all of life. From dates, to time, to computer codes, to GPS, to net worth. Numbers help you get your bearings; where you are now and where you want to go next. From tracking your weight on the scales to manage your health, to tracking your income to manage your wealth. Every day you’re taking stock, figuring things out and calculating your next move. You establish patterns that work for you that become so familiar that you can make confident decisions with predictable prosperous outcomes. Your life today is a result of the decisions you have made along the way. Numbers can help you measure your progress so you can make adjustments to have the life you really desire. 

Simply put, Numbers are the simplest way to navigate your way in the world.

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Sir Isaac Newton

"Truth is ever to be found in the simplicity and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things."

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Second of all, let's get physical. 

I'm talking Physics. The Scientific Laws akin to how your Prosperity Code works and has the measure of you!

As your Numerologist, when I work out your Prosperity Code, I often compare it to being like the tune-in number of a radio station. So if you were a radio station would you be a Smooth Jazz FM 102.2, a sporty Radio 5 AM 693 or a party loving Kiss FM 100? Knowing who you are helps you to find your groove in the world and connect with others on your wavelength. 

Seriously you are like a broadcasting and receiving station with a Prosperity Code that identifies your unique vibe.  All the pulsating energy is pushed out as a vibration that can measured and identified as a wavelength. The frequency of this transmission depends on whether you're resting to recharge your batteries or being active and out there. From snooze time to show time. Once you become aware of your natural groove, you get to choose what you put out into the world, how you are received, and how you connect with like-minded people. In essence, what turns you on and what turns you off. And of course what turns others on or off to you! Once you know your Prosperity Code you become aware of how to play to your natural strengths. You know how to tune out the noise and when to focus on making the music that feels good to you. You get to choose what you put out into the world which determines the response you get back and the reality you attract. You get to choose the reality you are in control of creating. So make it up good!

The words I use to make sense of your Prosperity Code, for example, 'wavelength, vibe and frequency' are also the key words Physicists also use to physically describe you and your relationship to the world around you. The truth of the matter is that you are a bundle of atoms, that vibrate with energy, giving off electromagnetic waves. These waves are measured by their frequency which discloses a vibrational pattern unique to you. It has been scientifically proven that you have an energy field that has its own vibrational frequency which interacts with the world you live in.  Albert Einstein simplified this 'relativity' in the world's most famous equation, E=mc2. This relationship is the constant interchange between your energy and the material world you're in. This interplay between you and a bundle of Energy and the Matter you create. Energy = Matter. Matter is made up of energy and energy makes up matter. Where this equation becomes more, understandable, relatable and applicable to your daily life is when physicists define the scientific laws about what 'energy' actually is. It is universally agreed that 'Energy' is 'the ability to do work'.

Bingo. Wow, with this clarifying definition, the penny drops! As your Numerologist I help you identify your energy, through the calculation of your six digit Prosperity Code which identifies your vibration, e.g. the way you interact with the world through your work and create your material reality. I interpret your Prosperity Code with a particular focus on clarifying the work you're here to do in this world. The work that you love to do. It is this love that keeps you moving forwards and it is the reward you receive for your work that sustains you for the long haul.  I help you clarify the Great Work you're called to do and to receive back a prosperous living in return. If physicists agree that 'Energy = Matter' then, as your Numerologist I interpret that practically as 'Work = Matter.'  'Work does Matter' and it 'Matters that you Work'. As your Numerologist, I'm here to show you that


Doing work that is infused with the light of your love, results in a prosperous life.

It makes sense that you seek my guidance to 'work-out' your truth when you know you're either ready to get out of a rut, discover your potential or simply get your energy moving in the right direction to do purposeful work that really makes a difference in the world. 

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Albert Einstein

"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics. "

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First of all the study of numbers as symbols that convey a body of intelligence, that can be applied to making sense of yourself and your place in the world, can be traced back to the roots of the world's oldest civilisations. For example, 

§  The I Ching, 'The Book of Changes', an ancient Chinese divination manual and book of wisdom which interprets symbols made up of 6 stacked horizontal lines to form answers to questions about the future.

§  The Vedas, the ancient scriptures of the world's oldest surviving religion, Hinduism, which speaks of the sacred numbers of Hinduism as bearers of cosmic powers and grandeur. 

§  The Adjab Numerals, used to assign numerical values to Arabic words for purposes of numerology. 

§  Gematria, the sacred numerical system belonging to the Jewish traditions where its Hebrew roots can be traced back to the Kabbalah. 

§   Sacred numbers are woven into chants, ceremonies, mythology and household duties of the indigenous tribes of the Americas.

As a Numerologist, it comes as no surprise,  that I serve clients from all four corners of the globe, from the UK, heading West to California and heading East to Australia. At a root level we are collectively connected by a common language of numbers. And at a deeply personal level this language speaks to you as a doorway to self knowledge, which at some level is inter-woven  with your faith, religion or spiritual path.

As a Numerologist, even though I may find myself meeting up with clients in Hindu temples, or on pilgrim trails, or developing a plan of action that aligns with the Tree of Life in the Kabbala, or booking in appointment to fit around Ramadan, what I share in common with you is the language of Numbers and an even deeper commitment to growth, development and a love for what you do. This ancient branch of knowledge, Numerology, is truly universal. 

Numerology offers you a different perspective from which to see yourself.  It is a tool for self awareness and constructive action for organic growth. There are many tools out there for personal development of which Numerology is but one. Everyone gets stuck at some point in life, so you have to find the agent de change that’s right for you. Whatever gets you moving in the right direction and enjoying every step of the way. 

There are many paths up the mountain, but the view from the top is the same. 

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Daniel Garrison Brinton

"The universal belief in the sacredness of numbers is an instinctive faith in an immortal truth."

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The keystone of your unique Prosperity Code is that it is calculated from your date of birth and your birth name. It was Pythagorus, (c.570 to c495 BC), the Greek mathematician, philosopher and mystic who is considered the father of modern mathematics and western numerology. He discovered the correlation between the letters of the alphabet resonating to a corresponding number between 1 to 9. For example, the letters A, J & S correspond to the same vibration as the Number 1. So, when you calculate the sum of the letter of your birth name you arrive at a vibration which determines how you are received in the world and what you attract back into your life. The life you are destined to have. 

Through the methodical practice of scientific observation, testing and categorisation, Pythagorus discovered similar traits between people that shared birth names and dates of birth. Based on the precepts that nature is a set of relationships, universal laws and that all can be computed through numbers he developed the science of names and numbers. His central thought was the idea of order. All life has a system and an order, a mathematical, ethical, social and cosmic order. Truths.

Numerologists over the past couple of millennia have continued to look for patterns amongst the people they have studied and worked with, continuously adding to and building upon this body of knowledge. 

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"No one is free who has not obtained the empire of himself."

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What still remains a God-given mystery is WHY it comes to be that your date of birth and your birth name prove to be so decisive on the course of your life. I have seen myself, when calculating a clients Prosperity Code,  how the impact of miscalculating one letter can result in a vibration which feels at odds with the person before me. After twenty years of service, I have the sense to realise that something doesn't add up and that I must go back to the drawing board and double check the calculations! Every letter in your name literally counts and makes for a decisive destiny. 

What is truly astonishing is that the moment you were conceived, a fusion of world’s collided to form the intelligence seeded within you. An intelligence which bears the instructions of your unfolding growth. This combination of the precise date you were born into this world with the inspired name your parents gifted you happens to be instrumental to activating the course of your life. You are made sense of by your Prosperity Code. The combination of the energetic vibration of your God-given name with the day you arrived as a matter of fact into this world marks your place in this world. You, this bundle of joy, arrived with a set of instructions, from the skills you’re here to master, the great work you’re here to love to do, the lessons you’re here to learn and the legacy you’re here to leave in this lifetime. 

Your date of birth and your name are pivotal to your success. There is a mysterious force at play which makes it so. Here at the crux of the matter is a 'so be it'. A leap of faith is required. What you have to ask yourself when you unlock the intelligence inherent in your Prosperity Code is 'Does this feel true? Does it inspire me? Does it move me to take action now?' 

I have to say that when I first discovered my Prosperity Code it was like a 'big bang moment in my head.' A light bulb went off and I courageously changed the course of my life over two decades ago. It is only through writing about Numerology, so that more people like you can access this knowledge, that I find myself getting down to the nuts and bolts of this body of work. 

Ultimately it is a question of faith and a discovery of what works for you. If Numerology fires you up to appreciate this gift of life and to do the work to create your own piece of heaven on earth, then so be it! 

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Zig Ziglar

“You were designed for accomplishment, engineered for success and gifted with the seeds of greatness.”

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Numerology, as a science of names and numbers, was driven underground as a branch of knowledge.

From the sixth century BC, Pythagorus' teachings on the applicability of Numerology as a determining body of self knowledge, survived until the Christianisation of the Roman Empire. In 325 AD, all Christian bishops convened  at the First Council of Nicaea, to attain consensus in the church. It was agreed that knowledge that differed from the beliefs of the state church were classified as civil violations within the Roman Empire. Numerology did not find favour with the Christian authority and was assigned to the field of unapproved beliefs.

Although driven underground, this sacred language of making sense of the world, was actually recognised by one of the most important founding Fathers of the Christian Church. St Augustine of Hippo (A.D. 354–430). He, similar to Pythagoras, believed that everything had numerical relationships and it was up to the mind to seek and investigate the secrets of these relationships or have them revealed by divine grace. 

At the same time that St Augustine of Hippo was founding the Church, it was with the death of Hypatia, that the study of Numerology would be given another bolt in the coffin and driven underground for over a millennium.  Born c.350AD Hypatia was the first female mathematician whose life was reasonably well recorded. She was head of the Neoplatonic school in Alexandria, Egypt, where she taught philosophy, astronomy, mathematics and numerology. She was renowned in her own lifetime as a great teacher and a wise counsellor. Hellenistic in her beliefs, which wove together the threads of wisdom from the ancient civilisations of the Egypt, Persia and India, she refused to convert to the doctrine of Christianity. Although she taught many influential Christian men in her school, tragically, she refused to renounce her teachings on the sciences and the arts and was brutally murdered by a Christian mob in 415AD.  

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St. Augustine of Hippo

"Numbers are the Universal language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth."

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Numerology emerges from the Dark Ages

Numerology, in the West, would again see the light of day, with the advent of the Renaissance. From the 15th century Europe began to emerge from the Dark Ages into the age of Enlightenment. Alchemy, astrononmy, astrology and numerology were practiced by the most intellectual of minds. Many of the most brilliant minds of the scientific revolution, Sir Issac Newton, 1642 to 1727 AD, the father of today’s rational and scientific thinking, spent many years studying alchemy, astronomy and numerology. The sacred language of numbers found it's way back into the world of commerce too. For example, masons in the guilded trades started to incorporate magical numbers into the design of their buildings endowing them with sacredness and harmony to attract prosperity through their great work. Once again, re-establishing a practice that their predecessors had adhered to thousands of years ago in the ancient temples and civic institutions.

The unfolding story of Numerology today 

In recent years, with the increased spiritual void generated by the decline of the power of the Church, the aftermath of the Industrial Revolution, the Scientific Revolution and the recent Information Revolution, there is a growing interest by many people who can access this knowledge over the world-wide-web. Scientists themselves are rediscovering the meaning and wisdom that exists in the world and discovering the shared language between the scientific disciplines  and spiritual traditions.  For example, the field of quantum physics proves that everything in the Universe vibrates with energy and that somehow this energy is connected. So it’s very welcome that an ancient system about the energy of numbers is finding its way back into our psyche as a reflection of our souls so that you can discover your sole purpose.  

‘Know Thyself’ could be reinterpreted in today’s world as ‘Know Your Vibe!’ The science is finally catching up with what the great Mystics, philopsophers and teachers have taught since the dawn of civilisation.

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Sallie Nichols

"Like the stars, numbers shine with an eternal reality that transcends language and geography. They have been called the 'bones of the universe' because they are archetypes symbolising the interrelationships of all things mortal and immortal. Words express man's ideas; numbers express God's realities."

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Since 2001 I've been studying Numerology and testing it's mechanisms through working with hundreds of clients who seek to discover their truth and make a difference in the world. In this Age of Aquarius, you have the access to information which enables you to become aware of your own personal power to   visualise, create, work and manifest. It’s no wonder that numerology is experiencing a rebirth. Much wisdom, insight and direction can be gleaned from the knowledge of your unique numerological codes. These energies that together create your unique and inspirational footstep in the world.

There are many ways you can use Numerology to improve every area of your life. From health, to wealth, to relationships to choosing the home that's right for you. Once you have your Prosperity Code you can make the adjustments to lead a more harmonious life. When you take responsibility for your own ability to respond to life, you can use your intelligence and self awareness to make empowered choices. You can choose to live life on your own terms.  So take action to live a prosperous life that works for you!

You can use Numerology to improve your relationships with others too. By understanding the make-up of your family you can learn to relate to them better and understand where they're coming from. You can support loved ones to choose career paths that play to their natural talents. Work plays a big part in our lives and impacts our health and happiness so signpost them to this intelligence to help them put their best foot forwards. Whilst recognising that it is entirely their own responsibility to make their own choices! 

There are times when clients ask me about finding a soul mate or using Numerology to work out if another person is right for them? Although ethically I cannot look into another person's Prosperity Code without their permission and owning the fact that my own Prosperity Code calls me to work in the field of business, commerce and wealth, I do advice, 'Become the One to attract the One.' Become the best version of yourself, formidable in your brilliance, comfortable in your own skin, purposeful through your work and responsible for living a life you love and in return you will attract the love of the One that meets you where you're at.

Now, that's a match made in heaven. 

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Frea O'Brien, My Numerologist

"When you combine Know Thyself with Know How, you're in your element and life just flows with infinite possibilities."

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You will spend about a third of your life working, which equates to around 90,000 hours of your time! It makes sense to do something you love that rewards you well. Numerology helps you identify the skills you can naturally master and pinpoints the field of work in which you'll prosper. 

When you start out on your career path, it is prudent to master your skills under another Master’s wings. This way you can learn your craft, whilst you contribute to their business, trading your time, for salary and experience. However, at some point it's only natural for you to outgrow that company and have the desire to spread your own wings. What I love about Numerology, which I discovered whilst working for one of the world's largest banks, is that it provided me with three things that would change my life. First of all, it gave me the clarity to see my potential which fired up my courage to believe that I could run my own business. Secondly, I realised that the only way to take control of the wealth I was capable of generating was through owning my own business. A business would be the vehicle to getting my work out into the world. A business was the mechanism for making a difference in the world in return for wealth that reflected its value.  And thirdly, Numerology provided me with the directive action for year on year organic growth and a blueprint to navigate this uncharted territory of going it alone.

As your Numerologist, my task is to make sure that first of all you're creating a business that plays to your natural brilliance and then to guide you through navigating these cycles of organic growth: Establishing your business. Expanding your business. Elevating you to become a leading light supported by your legacy building business. 

On the ground the reality is that only two out of ten people that dare to start their own business are still at the helm ten years later.  This is why over the past twenty years I have built upon the great work of Numerologists before me and applied and tested this body of knowledge with hundreds of entrepreneurs to establish my contribution to the field through The Works. This original work contains 9 parts that when mastered in order, take you on a journey from clarifying your potential to taking bold action, to becoming prosperous, to having your place in the world.  This journey to realising your potential takes WORK. The vibration of the word, Work, equates to the numerical value of 22 which in Numerology is translated as 'Making dreams a reality.' 

I'll show you the work you need to do to have the Works in your life. 

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It's time to ignite the fire in your soul and dare to kindle your great work that will become your timeless legacy for generations to come!

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