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Frea O'Brien

I can guide you to clarify what you have been born to do and what you’re capable of achieving. You need the plan to take you step by step to lead the life you’re destined to have. 

Your business is your vehicle for your Great Work. The more people you serve with your natural brilliance, the bigger the difference you’ll make in the world. And the more prosperous you’ll become. 

I want you to succeed. 

I’ll show you’re the way. 

Combining over 20 years of experience as a Business Numerologist, Award Winning CEO, Mother, Wife & Judge for national awarding bodies across UK industry, I know what it takes to go all the way, as a leader and as a business owner. 

My Numerologist: About Me


Numerology gave me the tools to turn my life around. 

This ancient branch of knowledge provides insider knowledge about your strengths, your capabilities, and the destiny you can choose to have. Once you know what is possible, you’ll be fired up to do what it takes to achieve your dreams. This clarity in direction and purpose is derived from secret numerological codes calculated from your date of birth and your name. 

I remember the moment I discovered Numerology. 

I was on my lunch break. It was June 2001. I was in WHSmiths, Liverpool Street, The City, London, when I picked a silver book off the shelf. ‘Titania’s Zillions’. I was ‘looking for myself ‘ between the Travel Guided and the Self-Help section. Lost in a unfulfilling but very well paid job with JP Morgan Chase, I was for the first time in my life, without direction, goals and a plan. The money wasn’t cutting it for me. I had this ache to do something that made a difference in the world. 

I opened that book. And my life was never the same again. 

Discovering the truth of my potential has given me the courage to continually move out of comfort zone to where the magic is. I’ve applied the insider knowledge I get from my numerological codes to inform every bold move I’ve made. From cutting my business executive skills transforming other people’s businesses as their CEO, to daring to run my own business, to choosing the date for my wedding, to guiding the personal development of my loved ones. To now daring to show up as a teacher of The Works so that more people like you will bravely show up with your brand of medicine to make a difference in the world. 

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It’s not all been plane sailing. I’ve had two business failures. My first business lasted 2 years and my second 6 years. I know the exact challenges that you’re going to encounter on your entrepreneurial quest and what you need to do to surmount them. 

You’ll need your wits about you to honour the Universal Laws, (the unseen world of inspiration and potential) and you’ll need to respect the Physical Laws, (the seen world of tangible matter, speed and gravitational force) to do the work on the ground to make headway. Only then will you go all the way to achieve your heart’s desire. You'll need to navigate that fine line between your dreams and your reality, whilst putting 80% of your time into doing the work. Here in the UK, less than 5% of working women dare to run there own business and 17% of men. On average they're working a minimum of 45 hours a week and paying themselves a £30k salary. So you’re going to have go above and beyond, harnessing your mind, heart and guts to go all the way. 

Everything I’ve learnt out on the field, coupled with decades of numerological research, plus working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, has led me to distill The Works, the recipe for success. 

There have been many times when I have had to dig deep and remember who I am to break through to new levels of growth. I've had to stand on the shoulders of my ancestors to remember that industry and commerce is in my DNA. I come from a line of industrialists that mastered Rockingham Pottery, found in the houses of Royalty and aristocrats across Europe and exhibited today in the V&A Museum, London I know what it is to graft to produce Great Work. I know what it is to have soul and to have to fight for the freedom to live your Calling. I come from a line of strong women who have fought for their right to be spiritual and moral leaders of their communities from Suffragettes, to head teachers, to Lord Mayors, to nuns and Nordic Shamans. And this is why I know that it is this combination of business spirit that is key to living your truth, to doing Great Work, to living prosperously and to creating a legacy that can be passed on to your future generations, so that they too, remember. 

I’ve recently celebrated 10 years in business as a Numerologist. Only 2 out of 10 people, that dare to run their own business, will still be standing 10 years later.  Since I jumped corporate ship I’ve quadrupled my income. There’s no such thing as an overnight success. Your success is an epic in the making. 

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"I know what it takes at every twist and turn of this crazy unchartered journey of living life and business on your terms. It starts with knowing yourself and doing what you’re designed to do brilliantly, with a deep love that will move mountains. You’ll need grit, determination and a sound plan. Plus the right guides at different stages that have your back, every step of the way".

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I can’t wait to show you how you can apply your numerological codes to get clarity on your natural brilliance, how you can stand out for the difference you make and how to build a formidable business, grounded in deep rooted financial success. 

Today, I serve hundreds of private clients who are change makers, pioneers and experts in their field, from the UK, heading East to Sydney and West to LA. Yoga teachers, Authors, Nutritionists, Retreat Owners, Travel Agents, Deli Owners, Photographers, CEOs of Tech firms, Holy Men & Holy Women, Leadership Coaches, Therapists, Marketing Experts, Wealth Managers, Environmentalists, Pilgrims, Actors, Inventors, Barristers, Journalists, Activists, Educators, Healers, modern day Priestesses & Prophets. The one thing they all have in common is that they are driven to make this world a better place. 

I know you feel the pull of your Calling. It’s time to answer it. 

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My service is discreet, highly personal and carefully tailored for every step of your journey.  I’m the one in the wings, serving you as your Navigator, proud to be on your flight crew. I’m the one referred to as ‘My Numerologist,’ by those I serve. It is highly likely that you are exploring these pages because your friend, peer, co-creator or loved-one has quietly referred me to you.

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You are naturally a PROSPEROUS being. 

When you see the truth of who you are and how to work with your raw potential there’s no stopping you. 

Prosperity flows naturally through and around you when you love what you’re doing.

The impact you have on your family, community and the wider world is priceless. 

My Numerologist: About Me


See For Yourself


Headlining the UK's No. 1 Spiritual Magazine, Spirit & Destiny, Frea O'Brien reveals the karma you'll attract when you don't do what you've been born to do! So, get out there and let your natural brilliance be of service! 

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There’s so many more stories surrounding My Numerologist. Get in touch with me today to hear them all.

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