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You've got what it takes to go all the way!

This original and unique recipe for success has been developed by Frea O'Brien over 20 years, so that you can triumph over the soul destroying malaise that has troubled mankind since the beginning of time: How to making a prosperous living, doing something you love that reflects the truth of who you are. 

Work is instrumental to your livelihood. You will work an average of 90,000 hours over the course of your lifetime. So it really matters that you do something that you love, that feels meaningful, that rewards well, that inspires growth and that you're proud to leave as your legacy. 

Working through No. 1 to No. 9, in order, and mastering each part in your own time, will get you in your zone of genius where you bring your brilliance, strength and resplendence to everyone you serve. You will triumph in the humble groundedness of your deep rooted success. 

It’s time to work it. 

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Do the work to have The Works in your life

NO. 1

The Prosperity Code

Get clarity on your own natural brilliance and the truth of what you were born to do. 
Discover your unique six digit code that reveals the gifts you must master, the calling you’re driven to lead and the destiny you can choose to have.

NO. 2

The Prosperity Path

Stay in your lane by focusing on what will bring you the most success at this stage in your life.
Discover your Challenge Number which points to what you must become in order to harness the glory of what is possible for you, as promised by your Opportunity Number.

NO. 3

The Prosperity Map

Have the map of your forthcoming year laid out before you. Be ahead of the curve by knowing the milestone dates and actions required at these points for breakthrough success. Discover your three Variable Numbers which influence the conditions you’re working with across the year. Work with these conditions to know when to rest and replenish your energy levels and when to move forwards with gusto to achieve groundbreaking success.

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Discover No.1 Your Prosperity Code, No. 2 Your Prosperity Path & No.3 Your Prosperity Map, to live the life you were born to lead.

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NO. 4

The Prosperity Tracker

Feel in control with your thorough plan for your year ahead. Qualify the precise actions you need to take month by month to achieve your goals. Discover your Personal Month Numbers which guide you through the twelve stepping stones to take to ensure you land the goals you’ve set out to achieve.

NO. 5

The Prosperity Practice

Move forwards, steadily building the momentum to achieve breakthrough levels of income growth.
Discover the optimum Personal Month Number this year where success is yours when you work it like a winner. Commit to four daily practices, designed for you, for 21 days. Prove your worth by showing you’ve got what it takes.

NO. 6

The Prosperity Blueprint

Have the inside track on the choices you need to make to take the decisive action that gets you in the diamond lane of your destiny. Discover your unique algorithm, your life pattern that repeats every nine years. Yes, your history does repeat itself but having the inside track means you can make it up better next time around. Track your journey and adjust your progress through the Awakening, Lift-Off, Expansion and Lagacy Building years of your life.

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Discover No. 4 Your Prosperity Tracker to have your sound plan, bespoke to you and your business. Have the confidence to power through the step by step tactics for success over the next 12 months.

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NO. 7

The Prosperity Master Plan

Have peace of mind knowing you have the long-term plan that provides perspective on your vision and the detail for the precise tactical action required for successful results in the here and now. Bespoke to your current nine year cycle of growth, your plan instructs you on the timely action to take on three levels. First of all the strategic action for each of the nine years spanning your whole growth cycle.  Secondly the operational action to take across each of the 27 Variable four month stages. And the priority monthly action to take for each of the 108 months that span your growth cycle. You can even focus down to the 3285 days it takes to master your craft and stand out as a formidable leader in your field.

NO. 8

The Prosperity Task

Be centred, strong and grounded in the knowing that you’ve got what it takes to go all the way and become a legend for the difference you make. Discover your Soul Task Number, your raison d’etre, cut into the very diamond of your soul. Surrender to this higher calling to serve others in a way that only you can, that proves your worth and promises you prosperous reward in this lifetime.

NO. 9

The Prosperity Home

Come home to the place that’s perfect for you. The type of establishment that is your powercentre. This is your place in the world that nourishes you and charges you up to do your Great Work. 
Discover the Building Type Number that indicates the essential place you must have. Put it on your vision board. Own it. There’s no place like the right home for you.

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Discover No. 5 Your Prosperity Practice which pinpoints THE month over the next year where you can achieve breakthrough income. Work with My Numerologist, one to one, over the next 12 months to stay on course for trailblazing success.
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Frea O'Brien, My Numerologist

"You've discovered The Works. You're ready to get started on your quest. I can guide you through the stepping stones of your foundational success. As your Numerologist. As your Navigator in the wings. Do you hear the Call to be a leading light  in your industry? Do you feel ready to stand out for your natural brilliance and to make a difference in the world with your Great Work?

I'll show you how as we journey on your quest from No.1 to No.9 so that you can have The Works in your life.

I look forwards to seeing you fly and to doing what it takes to achieve the destiny that's your's to have”.

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For existing clients. You’re ready for this advanced  service if youI have established your expertise as a go-to person in your industry and have been in business for over nine years. This is for Luminaries who are ready to build a legacy that leaves an inspirational footprint. Master your path by discovering No.6 Your Prosperity Blueprint, No.7 Your Prosperity Master Plan, No. 8 Your Prosperity Task & No. 9 Your Prosperity Home. Complete the work to have The Works in your life.

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