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Planning Service
Knowledge becomes power when you put it into practical and actionable plans, directed towards desirable goals.

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You’ve done the soul searching to know enough about the life and business you want to create. More than anything you have this sense of a calling to reach out to people with a service that can really make a difference in the world. You have this burning desire to step out there and live life on your terms, but going solo is unchartered territory for you. There’s such a tangled web of information, noise and opinion out there that it’s leaving you feeling confused about what to do first to make your dreams happen. 


You need a plan. You need a proven set of steps, specific to you, your life and your business, which keeps you focused and methodically moving in the right direction, towards your destiny.

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Numerology can provide the breakthrough insights that give you the confidence to believe in yourself and the courage to
go for your dreams


Discover your unique six digit code that reveals your Life Path Number, Destiny Number, True Self Number, Personality Number, Soul Mission Number and Personality Number. Now you can really value what makes you different and how you can stand out for your accomplishments.


Discover the nine year growth cycle you're currently in. Bespoke to you, your personal Opportunity & Challenge Numbers point to what you need to become to achieve the success you deserve at this stage of your life.


Discover the one thing you must focus on that will bring you breakthrough growth and success this year.


See, laid out before you, your bespoke map for the year ahead which shows you the way to reach your goals as soon as possible. Tracks the course of your year, month by month. Pinpoint the three pivotal milestone dates where you must take big action to land your goals.

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Numerology can help you find your lane and stay in it! Calculated from your unique numerological codes, there is a sound plan that's tailored for you. Adjusting to this plan means that you can boldly move forwards and set dale for your cherished goal.


Clarify the goals that really matter this year and make the adjustments to be on course to achieve them. Commit to where you want too be in one year's time. Start by getting clear on where you are now and the income you need to generate to materialise your desired way of living.


Discover your Personal Month Numbers which instruct you on the specific action to take month by month to establish your foundation for success.


Identify specific growth opportunities across the year and the precise dates to take action that elevates you to new levels of success. 

Pace your business growth according to the key milestone dates knowing when you’ve got to work it and when it’s time to take a step back and recharge your batteries. 

Breakdown your growth, development and income targets so that they align with the flow of your year, so you can steadily tick off each accomplishment, building confidence as you go. 

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With the peace of mind of knowing where you're going and having a plan in place you're invincible! With this purpose and focus directed action, this is no longer a dream. This is your life!

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I'll guide you every step of the way.

The Discovery Session

To get started you’ll have a two hour Discovery Session with me via Zoom. During this consultation you’ll get clear on your value and what’s really important for the year ahead. Once you have your numerological codes you’ll feel inspired and fired up to take decisive action.

The Reference Materials

Following your initial consultation, I’ll email you the recording of your Discovery Session.  You can choose to play this in forthcoming years for those moments when you need to remember who you are and what you’re capable of. Plus I'll send you the ‘How it Works’ reference guide to interpreting your own numerological codes and what this means for years to come.

The Prosperous You Report

Within three days you'll receive your bespoke Prosperous You Report which provides detailed insights into your natural brilliance and how you'll make your mark in the world. You will refer back to this throughout your lifetime!

The Prosperous Year Report

Within three days you'll receive your navigation report for your year ahead. This plots out your direction for success, from the bigger picture of the nine year growth cycle you're in, to this year ahead, to the specific clear-cut steps you must take for breakthrough progress.

The Prosperity Planning Session

Now you’ve seen the vision of what is possible, you’re going to roll your sleeves up and plan to make this happen. You’ll have a two hour Prosperity Planning Session with me via Zoom. During this session we’ll get clear on where you are now and what stage of business you’re at. We’ll get clear on the goals and income growth that you really desire for the year ahead.

The Prosperity Tracker

Immediately, following your Prosperity Planning Session,  I’ll email you the recording because there’s bound to be actions that you feel fired up to take today!

Within three days, you’ll receive your Prosperity Tracker. This includes your annual goals, your income tracker, your sales and business development to-do list and most importantly your month by month action plan that moves you towards achieving your goals.

The Clarity Call

Finally, you’ll have a follow-up one hour Clarity Call with me, via Zoom. Having reflected on all these brilliant insights into you, the purpose of this completion session is to put this knowledge into action. You’ll get clear on the first action to take that sends out a clear signal that you’re ready to claim the destiny that is yours.

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You're feeling ahead of the curve, prepared and open to the opportunities as and when they show up. When you're in the driving seat of your life, you're invincible.

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Once we've agreed the date for your initial Discovery Session, you'll receive an invoice for £747

An initial payment of £250 confirms your booking. 

Let's get your initial session booked in and then  I can begin preparing everything you need to move forwards. 

I can't wait to get started with you on your groundbreaking journey. 

Warmest Wishes, 

Frea O'Brien

My Numerologist

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