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Discover your Personal Year Number

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Clarify your number one action for success this year. Make your dreams your reality.

Your Personal Year Number reveals what you need to make a priority for success this year. With this insight, you’re in an advantageous position to focus your energy where it counts and make optimum progress.

The Personal Year Numbers run the spectrum from 1 through to 9. Numerologists calculate that you live your life in growth cycles that span nine-year cycles. Each cycle presents you with an optimum path for growth and prosperity. Along that spectrum you can work out which year you’re in. Knowing whether you’re at the beginning of a new chapter in your life or if it’s time to put your feet up and enjoy la dolce vita, spurs you on to move with this organic, sustainable path to success.

Like a Farmer’s Almanac, having the directives for seasonal growth from Personal Year Numbers 1 to 9, helps you get ahead of the curve so you can take advantage of the opportunities as they occur. You can pace your energy, so you have what it takes to go all the way.

Knowing when to take timely action results in landing greater success.

Whilst fortune favours the brave, good fortune is the result of good planning.

How to work out your Personal Year Number

Your Personal Year Number exerts its annual influence on your best course of action, from your birthday to birthday.

For example, if your birthday is 21st June then the Personal Year Number comes into effect from 21st June to the 20th June, the following year. A new birthday, a new Personal Year Number.

This is the formula for finding out your current Personal Year Number

Month of birth + day of birth + the calendar year of your most recent birthday = Personal Year Number.

Let’s say your birthday is 10 May. You would simply add the numbers until you arrive at a single digit between the numbers 1 to 9. For example,

1 + 0 + 5 + 2+0+2+1 = 11

And then reduce the double digit down to a single digit: 1 + 1 = 2

= Personal Year Number 2.

Calculate what your Personal Year Number is and click on the link to open the door to your year ahead:

Personal Year Number 1

A new chapter begins. Welcome to the blank canvas that is the first year of a new nine-year growth cycle. This is the year to envision your destiny, commit to your biggest dream and set your intention to boldly go forth on your quest. The courageous step you take now will set the trajectory of success for the course of this whole nine-year growth cycle.

Self-development: Dare to dream big, set your sights on your destination and have the courage to go for it.

Business-development: Choose the venture that fires you up. Connect with the dream you feel so passionate about that it keeps your fires burning with love through the inevitable highs and lows that will test you, so see if you’ve got what it takes to go all the way. Only this love will move the mountains to reach your destiny.

Obstacle to overcome: Many find refuge from a mundane life through daydreaming. How tragic would it be to come to the close of your life and regret that you didn’t live a life that was true to you. It is the number one regret of the dying. So, here, on the threshold of a new chapter in your life, have the courage to make it up good, true to you, the hero of your dream for a fulfilling life.

Karmic Lesson: The Law of Creation: To make things happen in your life, you need to take action instead of waiting for life to magically happen to you. Use your skills, talents and strengths to create something that benefits others and fulfils your soul.

Money Lesson: As you go out on a limb forging a new way forwards, you will feel vulnerable and be tempted to throw money on new armour that protects your ego, e.g. websites, branding, packaging, business cards. Know that you are enough and that the real power comes through connecting with people who resonate with authentic you. Light one candle at a time, until your kindle your trail forwards. You must build your beacon on a bed of rock.

What if you don’t take timely action: If you don’t take a stand for your dream, then you fail to set the tone for your trajectory for success for this nine-year growth cycle. If you don’t put your dream first, then you risk others using you to make their dreams happen.

What you’ll gain when you take timely action: Vitality

Personal Year Number 2

This is the year to incubate the seed of the dream venture you committed to last year. Tend to it so that it takes root and has a strong chance of growing. Reach out for support from those that have your back.

Self-development: Fuel and prepare your body, mind and soul for the journey ahead. Find the one health practice that will sustain you for the rest of this nine-year growth cycle. Health is Wealth. Your body is the divine instrument of your Great Work.

Business-development: Withdraw behind the scenes to incubate your idea and tend to what it needs to take root. Two is company so share your dream with one-to-one confidants that can help you discover it’s potential to grow.

Obstacle to overcome: Family and friends may think you’re crazy for pursuing your dream. They can’t see what you believe in. Have faith that believing is seeing. Find support from like-minded peers that are a few steps ahead of you. Birds of a feather flock together.

Karmic Lesson: The Law of Growth: To positively shape the world you need to start with yourself. Real growth begins with what you have control over, which is only yourself. When you change who or what you are from within your heart, your life follows suit and changes for the best too. And there’s the possibility that your success will inspire others to have the courage to change their lives too.

Money Lesson: Watch out for predators that sense your vulnerability as you go it alone with your venture. They will try to sell you a magic bullet that promises overnight success, only to leave you with empty pockets. Instead, grow your creation through the steady flow of one-to-one engagement with people that will benefit from what you’ve created. Listen deeply to find out what works. Prioritise investment into your health so that you have the energy for the long haul of this adventure ahead. Make sure your plumbing from body, to home, to business is leak proof.

What if you don’t take timely action: If you don’t identify what you need to make your dream take root, then you risk being taken advantage of by others who want your precious time, money and energy to help them on their journey. Don’t fall for it, because you risk being left behind.

What you’ll gain when you take timely action: Patience.

Personal Year Number 3

This is a year for the blossoming of your authentic self and the unveiling of your Great Work. Dare to bring your light out from under the bushel. Remember the more you glow, the more you’ll grow.

Self-development: Embody the beauty of your true self and feel comfortable in your own skin. More than any other year, you may be tempted to hide away and tell yourself that you’re not attractive enough to be in the spotlight. The big test is that the more visible you are, the more others want to engage with you and the more beautiful you feel. Show up because you’re worth it.

Business-development: Birth your masterpiece into the world. Your Great Work is the signature expression of your true self. Come out of the closet and take centre stage because the world needs that one special gift that you’ve got.

Obstacle to overcome: Come out of hiding. You feel reluctant to expose yourself because you fear rejection by those that no longer recognise you. When you come out from the wings, you’ll realise that you were never an ugly duckling. Out here in the light, you attract the right birds of a feather that want to flock with you.

Karmic Lesson: The Law of Significance and Inspiration: We all play a part and have something to contribute to this world. Every contribution you make will affect the world. You have been born with a specific gift, mission and purpose that only you can bring into the world with your uniqueness. Authentically sharing your skills and gifts is why you’re here on this God-given planet. The true value of something is a direct result of the energy and intent that you put into it. So, give it 100% because where attention goes, prosperity flows.

Money Lesson: As you create on purpose make sure you spend on purpose too. Do not be frivolous and scatter your energy or your money, otherwise the tax man will come knocking. Remember all Queens have their counting houses. Money likes to be courted, tended to, cultivated and appreciated like a lover. So put a ring on it and direct it purposefully towards accomplishing your dreams.

What if you don’t take timely action: If you don’t bring your light out from under a bushel and showcase your creation to others, then your dream will remain a fantasy and wither on the vine.

What you’ll gain when you take timely action: Connection

Personal Year Number 4

This is the year to build a supporting structure around your venture so that you have what you need to grow steadily and consistently. The deeper the foundational roots, the further you’ll reach next year. Remember, that an overnight success is years in the making, so suck it up and enjoy the journey!

Self-development: Establish the boundaries of your working life and personal life so that you show up at your best. Commit to a consistent daily ritual that fuels you to access your zone of genius when it matters.

Business-development: Do the work on the ground to find your groove. Once you consistently strike gold by connecting your creation to paying customers, you’re now in the business of building an organisation around your service. Commit to a consistent daily routine that enables you to steadily deliver on your promises.

Obstacle to overcome: Dig deep and do the groundwork. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Know that the field you plough now, will yield the harvest in the years to come. Do not be tempted by shiny objects in the form of short-cuts offered by charlatans that sense when your energy is waning from the hard work. Their short-cut will take you on the slippery slope back to square one. Keep your head down and keep on beavering away.

Karmic Lesson: Double homework. This is the year to build muscle with two karmic lessons to master! The Law of Humility: Be humble enough to accept that your current reality is the result of your past actions and brave enough to put your best foot forwards &The Law of Patience and Reward: Be consistent when you work towards your goals. Rewards of lasting value require initial toil. True joy comes from doing what you have been born to do and knowing that the reward will come in its own time.

Money Lesson: Do not waste money on get rich quick schemes. Avoid the temptation to put expenditure on your credit card that promises reward for risk. Debt strangles creativity and weighs heavily on the brow. Do not blow a gasket when things don’t happen as quickly as you’d like them to. Make sure your heating systems can handle the pressure and pace your energy, steadily fuelling along the way. Being prepared means that you won’t run out of steam.

What if you don’t take timely action: There’s no two ways about it. Out of all the Personal Year Number 1 to 9, this Personal Year Number 4 requires the hard physical work on the ground. If you don’t roll your sleeves up and just do it, then you won’t generate the income you need to continue your quest. You will find yourself at a dead end, with the only option being to get a job working in someone else’s field of dreams. Remember your dream and dig deep.

What you you’ll gain when you take timely action: Humility

Personal Year Number 5

This is a year for publicising the difference your Great Work is making in the lives of others. More people need to find you and hear about the benefits. It’s time to speak up.

Self-development: Show up and speak up.

Business-development: Raise awareness of your Great Work because it works! You’ve got the key. Share the secret! Your audience is waiting. Access all platforms and mediums for sharing your message to find the best way to reach your people.

Obstacle to overcome: Public speaking. The people you have been born to serve need to hear about your Great Work and how it can make a difference. You must take a stand for what you do. People need what you’ve got! Your enthusiasm for what you’ve created and the difference it makes will help you to get out of your own way.

Karmic Lesson: The Law of Connection: You are connected to your past, present and future which includes everyone around you. You stand on the shoulders of your ancestors and today your actions will influence the lives of those that will follow in your footsteps. Rise up, take the baton and lead the way.

Money Lesson: If you try to do everything yourself, you’ll get stuck in a blackhole when you need to be the rising star so that people can find you. Invest in the A Team that can bring a plan together. No person is an island when it comes to success. The more you speak up, the more you galvanise the hearts of those that want to support you, because when they see you rise to the dream, you fire up the possibility within them.

What if you don’t take timely action: If you don’t speak up from the platform to broaden your reach and elevate your standing, then you risk being stuck in the slog of the day-to-day hustle to make ends meet. Going around and around in circles will lead to burn out.

What you’ll gain when you take timely action: Freedom

Personal Year Number 6

This is a year for realising the value of the work you do, the difference it makes and what you really need to charge. You need to increase the currency to keep the magic alive for you to keep calm and carry on serving at your best.

Self-development: Put your wellbeing first. Replenish your well with what you love deeply so that you have the wellspring to serve others from the overflow of your cup. Your greatest act of response-ability is to yourself and then everyone benefits.

Business-development: Serve those that show up as a result of the increased publicity from last year. Tend to these bonds because they will carry you far and spread the word. Increase your prices because your service gets ground-breaking results and you need this income to fuel the big push that is required next year.

Obstacle to overcome: Do not lend a hand to others that you feel sorry for. You need both hands on the driving wheel for your journey ahead. If you turn around to help others that want an easy ride, at your expense, you will be drained of the energy you need to achieve your quest. It is better in the long run for others to see you achieve your dream so that they can choose to respond by following in your footsteps, on their own two feet.

Karmic Lesson: The Law of Responsibility: You are the product of the choices you have made. You own what happens to you in life. You have the power to shape your own story. So, choose to make it up good.

Money Lesson: Start by putting yourself first and spending money on things that replenish you and feather your nest. If you forget your own needs, then you risk getting derailed by unexpected requests for money from family members. It’s too risky to get side-tracked now. If you turn from your path, you will delay your progress for another 3 years. Take responsibility for your journey and express your needs from the outset of this year. As you empower yourself, you serve to lead by example and inspire those that are ready to learn that they too had the power all along.

What if you don’t take timely action: If you don’t listen deeply to what your clients need from your service, then you’ll fail to appreciate the value you bring to their table. Then you’ll miss the present in the present, e.g., a timely increase in your pricing. If you don’t charge to keep the magic alive for you and your clients, then you will fall out of love with the work in hand. And then you risk the spark going out because you’ve given all your firepower away.

What you’ll gain when you take timely action: Response - ability

Personal Year Number 7

This is the year to believe in yourself and blaze a trail forwards. You may need to take a step back just to get perspective, reset direction and then it’s time to take the quantum leap.

Self-development: Dig deep to see what you’re really made of. Identify your core belief that is intrinsic to the truth of who you are and what you stand for. Know thyself.

Business-development: Go the extra mile to claim your territory as the expert in your field. Do not let Imposter Syndrome stop you in your tracks. You must project who you are becoming in the here and now and then grow into this upgraded version of yourself. This is what it really means to go out of comfort zone and weather the turbulence as you reach for the stars.

Obstacle to overcome: This is the stage of your quest where you will hit the wall and wonder if you’ve got what it takes to go all the way. Remember your dream. Remember why you started this journey in the first place. Remember why people seek you out for your magic. You’ve taken 7 knocks over the past 7 years. Get up for the 8th time. When you signed up for your quest, you had to face these obstacles to shape you to become the person your needed to be to go all the way. Now you’re on the homerun.

Karmic Lesson: The Law of Focus: Focusing on too many things at once can slow you down. Concentrate on the one thing that you love doing, that you’re naturally brilliant at and that others seek you out for. Stay in your lane and then you’ll rise to the top.

Money Lesson: Don’t get tempted at this stage to quit and find an ‘easier way’ to make money. Your dream is just around the corner of this year. Be open to those that cross your path that reflect your brilliance back to you. This provides the psychic fuel to go the extra mile. That turbo boost to your confidence puts the wind back in your sails. Do invest money in upgrading your car or new technology to help you move forwards.

What if you don’t take timely action: If you don’t recommit to why you started this journey in the first place, you risk getting distracted and going off the beaten track never to find your way back. In later years, with hindsight you’ll kick yourself because you’ll see that you were actually in reaching distance. So close, but so far.

What you’ll gain when you take timely action: Resilience

Personal Year Number 8

This is a year for consolidating your position as an authority in your industry. Reward, promotion, recognition and an increase in income are heading your way as a result of all the work you’ve done over the past seven years.

Self-development: Reconnect with the values you hold dear to your heart. Make any adjustments required to integrate this truth into your life. Then activate your power centres, e.g. your mind, heart and guts to live your authentic truth.

Business-development: Consolidate the blueprint of your business model that generates wealth and works like clockwork. Discern the 20% of your business that generates 80% of your income. Expand upon this in the next nine-year growth cycle.

Obstacle to overcome: Achieving your dream is now in reach. This is the most dangerous stage of your journey. Others will try to drag you back with clipped words like ‘Who does she think she is?’ Remember all the hard work and sacrifices you have made to get this far. You deSERVE this. Remember all the people you helped along the way. You have proved that you are the AUTHOR of your own story. It is a testament to what is possible that you now land your dream. Having it will show others what is possible and inspire them to go for their dream too.

Karmic Lesson: The Law of Giving and Hospitality. Give to the things you believe in. If you believe something to be true, then this is the year that you will be called upon to demonstrate that truth. This is where you put what you claim to have learned into practice. For example, if you want to be loved, you must give love to others.

Money Lesson: Remember the above karmic lesson. If you want to increase your wealth, then you must tithe money and give a percentage of what you earn to support someone who could really thrive and grow from your support. Someone whose potential you see. Furthermore, you must value what you have created, so protect your intellectual, social and financial capital. If you don’t take proactive action here, you could find yourself with unexpected legal or financial bills which wipe out the gains that you’re due to harvest this year.

What if you don’t take timely action: If you slack off at this point, then you put your reputation at risk and attract conflict in the form of disgruntled clients, contractual, financial or legal challenges. The job is not finished until the customer is paid up and happy and recommending you for making a difference.

What you’ll gain when you take timely action: Authority

Personal Year Number 9

This is a year for celebrating how far you’ve come. It’s time to take stock of what you’ve accomplished and discern the wisdom from the experience. Be present to the present of the present. Gently declutter all areas to make space for the new nine-year growth cycle that will begin next year. For now, what you appreciate, grows in appreciation.

Self-development: Take time out to relax and recharge your batteries. In this space, enjoy the bounty of life and appreciate the life you have created. What a blessing!

Business-development: Take a sabbatical of sorts so you can consolidate everything you’ve accomplished. Do not avoid this time out, because here in the void of just being, one more piece of the jigsaw pops up to complete your Great Work. Now you have masterful work that will stand the test of time. Now you have accomplished your quest for this cycle.

Obstacle to overcome: Face the judgement that weighs up if you fulfilled the duty inherent in your unique Soul Task. The Soul Task is that special gift that only you have. If you dared to fulfil the quest you started nine years ago then you will be rewarded with much bounty. If you failed in your quest, then you get to appreciate the golden lessons that come with experience, knowing that you will choose to do it differently next time round.

Karmic Lesson: Double bubble! You have the space this year to work through two Karmic Lessons! The Law of Here and Now: Embrace the present. Let go of negative thoughts or behaviours that keep you stuck in the past & The Law of Change: History repeats itself until you learn the lesson you need to change your path. Change gives you a new path so that you can create a new future and a better version of yourself.

Money Lesson: Take stock. Are you feeling broke or bountiful? If you’re broke let go of what doesn’t provide a fruitful return and clear the ground to start anew. If bountiful, tuck those seeds away to be replanted next time around. Consider how you can share the wisdom you’ve gained to help others create what you’ve accomplished.

What if you don’t take timely action: Life will force you to take a break so you can reflect on your journey and learn from the lessons… or you’ll find that you have to bust a gut to do the work to get the job done against the closing door of this nine-year growth cycle. This is not a time for busting your balls because the tide is out at this stage of the game and you risk involuntary take-down. Surrender to the lesson.

What you’ll gain when you take timely action: Wisdom

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