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Discover your Life Path Number

Get clarity on your natural brilliance and what you were born to do in this lifetime.

You possess an inner potential that seeks expression through the work you have been born to do. When you get clarity on your natural brilliance and you know with certainty the field of interest in which you'll excel, you have what it take to go all the way to accomplish your dreams.

Getting this clarity is sparked by your inner quest for self knowledge. Numerology is a sure fire way to get to the truth of who you are. This ancient branch of knowledge signposts you to your Life Path Number which reveals the skills that you can easily master to produce valuable work that feels meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling.

You have the ability to make your mark in the world through work that is a signature expression of your brilliant self. Maybe you're here to make a great discovery, invention, magnificent building, medical breakthrough, work of art or build a technological platform. To rise to this level of accomplishment takes mastery of your natural skills, which requires many hours of dedicated focus and practice. You cannot get there if your work brings you no joy. Only a love for what you do will fuel you the long haul journey that it takes to make it happen.

Numerology is a self-awareness tool that can help you look deep within and come to an understanding of the skills you already possess. Knowing these natural strengths means you can lean in with the desire and intensity it takes to scale such heights of achievement.

Those who have mastered an area of expertise, a skill or the ability to teach it are recognised as being the best in their field. It’s important because if you are the best, then success, fame, status and money typically follow.’ (Murray Johannsen)

You were born with a natural brilliance

Deep down you know that you were born to make a difference in the world. There is a tour de force within you that is bursting to test the limits of your potential to grow, to thrive and to live life to the full. This burning desire intensifies at times in your life when you feel limited by the restrictive circles of the daily grind. It's at times like these where you need to pay attention to this discomfort. There is a friction at play which requires you to take bold action to fire up your mojo to spark your passion for living the life you truly want to lead.

There is a way to breakthrough. There is a way you can put your finger on the pulse of what you were born to do brilliantly and jump start your heart into taking courageous action.

‘You have a unique talent and a unique way of expressing it. There is something that you can do better than anyone else in the whole world and for every unique talent and unique expression of that talent, there are also unique needs. When these needs are matched with the creative expression of your talent, that is the spark that creates affluence. Expressing your talents to fulfill needs creates unlimited wealth and abundance.’(Deepak Chopra)

How you lost your way

Your journey to getting back on track can begin at any point. There is a flame of potential within you that can never be extinguished. Even though at times it may feel diminished, it is always there and ready to be engaged. Often this push to jump start your life comes when you hit a dead end. But before you break through this wall you need to take a step back to break down how you got yourself to this point. It is only natural that in your earlier years you chose a career path influenced by your parents or your peers. Money and immediate prospects are very attractive when you're having to make your own way in the world for the first time. And for a while you probably had some success in proving that you can stand on your own two feet. But in the end, if you're driven primarily by the size of your salary, a lack of desire catches up with you and you find yourself living for the weekend. And heading down a one way street to burnout.

This was my experience. Growing up, I looked to my family for role models and wisdom on how to make a good living. From my father, education and intellect was the platform from which the world could be your oyster. And so I pursued my path to achieving my Masters from the London School of Economics. From my Grandfather, a Director of Terry’s Chocolate factory I saw in him hard work, discipline and industry as the tangible route to material wealth and security. At the age of 22, I landed in the Square Mile, The City, the pulsing heart which pumped the flow of big money around the international arteries of the globe.

For a few years I buzzed from the experience, but increasingly I found myself living for Thursdays to come around and the three nights of fast living and partying to swing into motion. As the years rolled on, my sense of worth equated to the size of my bonus and my colleagues became my competitors to size myself up against. Something started die deep down inside. I found myself looking at my boss and questioning if I really wanted what he had ten years down the line? For the first time in my life I felt I was heading towards a dead.

You will look for a way out. Succumbing to the social pressure to conform is too painful. That primal uniqueness within you naturally wants to assert and express itself.

A force. A voice. A destiny.

When your back is up against the wall, it is your search for self-knowledge will be the catalyst that re-ingites your raison d’etre. You must reconnect with your own sense of uniqueness. The first step towards living the life your desire is always to turn inwards. You must clear away the other voices that might confuse you, your partner, your parents and your peers. You look for an underlying pattern, a core to your character, your truth, that you must understand as deeply as possible.

The Wake-Up Call

I remember the moment I discovered Numerology as the key to 'Know Thyself'. I was on my lunch break. It was June 2001. I was in WHSmiths, Liverpool Street, The Square Mile, when I picked that silver book off the shelf. 'Titania’s Zillions'. I was ‘looking for myself ‘ between the LonelyPlanet guides and the Self-Help section. I opened that book. And my life was never the same again.

Discovering my Life Path Number broke the deadlock. It mirrored back to me my full potential. It was like a chorus of angels appeared in that corner of the City, to ring out the changes. I practically touched the sky when I read the words, ‘Your talents careerwise should bring you before the public as speaker, lecturer, writer or inventor. You will further the cause within your field of interest or business. Remember your capacity to inspire and look upon this as a duty.’ Never underestimate the power of the word to spark your new beginning. This is why I want to share your Life Path Number with you.

Discovering YOUR LIFE PATH NUMBER will change your life

Calculated from your date of birth, your Life Path Number identifies the natural skills you have that you must master in this lifetime. These are skills that you have a natural affinity with that make you feel alive with energy and focus. When you practice them you feel an intensity of desire to learn and a deep and powerful connection to this field of study.

You must choose a working path that gives you the space to get into your groove to practice these skills so you can flourish. You must enlarge your concept of ‘work.’ Work is something connected deeply to who you are. It is something more inspiring. Work provides the practice to master your craft whilst providing a living. As your confidence grows you will navigate the highs and lows, fueled by the love of what you do. Because make no bones about it, you will face obstacles and challenges. The natural path of organic growth means that you constantly have to move out of comfort zone, move through the turbulence to reach a new level of accomplishment. The doubts, tedious hours of practice, setbacks and criticisms from others, all serve to develop your resilience and confidence.

But throughout all of this, those fleeting moment of deep love and connection to what you're doing will move you to the core and sustain you on the the path. Eventually, you will hit upon a niche that aligns to your uniqueness. An opportunity that suits you perfectly. It will set you apart from others.

Formidable. You will stand out for your natural brilliance.

“You are born with a particular makeup and tendencies that mark you as a piece of fate. It is who you are to the core. Some people never become who they are, they stop trusting in themselves, they conform to the tastes of others and they end up wearing a mask that hides their true nature. If you allow yourself to lean into who you really are by paying attention to that voice and force within you, then you can become what you were fated to become, an individual, a Master.” (Robert Greene)

WORK OUT your Life Path Number

There are six digits in your unique numerological code that I refer to as your Prosperity Code. These digits are calculated from the numbers within your date of birth and the those that correspond to the letters in your full original birth name. Each of the six digits provides intelligence to give you clarity on who you are, what you’re here to do and what you’re destined to have in this lifetime. The most important number is your Life Path Number. It's the most important because it’s the one that sets you off in the right direction. Knowledge is power when it is put into action and directed towards achieving what you really desire.

Your Life Path Number shines a light on your natural skill set and points to the career path which gives you the most opportunity to master your skills. These skills are required for you to produce the Great Work that showcases your natural brilliance and the difference you’re here to make in the world.

Your Life Path number is derived from the sum total of the digits that make up your birth date. The total sum is further reduced by adding the remaining digits together until a *single digit is obtained.

e.g. 2nd October 1975

= 2 + 1+0+1+9+7+5 = 25

= 2+ 5 = 7

*The exception to this rule is with the Master Numbers, 11, 22, 33. If your total arrives at one of these double digit numbers, you do not reduce down further.

e.g. 10th May 1976

= 1+0+5+1+9+7+6 = 29

= 2+9 = 11

Check out your Life Path Number below and never look back!


Life Path Number 1

Archetype: The Pioneer

Superpower: Visioning

Brilliance: Coming up with an original idea

Skill Set: You are an independent spirit and self-motivated leader. Possessing original ideas, you have the courage to take risks. Good at getting the ball rolling and initiaing new projects. Not only do you have the talent as an inventor or innovator, but you have the wit, intelligence and quickness to execute the plan. Your energy is directive and goal oriented and you will boldly go where no one's gone before.

Career path career path to master skillset: Entrepreneur, Politician, Professor, Freelancer, Inventor

Leadership Style: Prophetic

Speaking Style: Evangelical

Emotional Expression: Idealistic

Value: Courage

Famous People: Martin Luther King, Prince Harry, Sir James Dyson, Nikola Tesla, Steve Jobs, George Washington, Florence Nightingale, Annie Besant

Life Path Number 2

Archetype: The Healer

Superpower: Listening

Brilliance: Receiving ideas and supporting them to take root

Skill Set: You thrive in partnerships. As a natural peacemaker you are considerate, sensitive, supportive and co-operative. You have excellent persuasive and negotiation skills. You are a master of compromise and maintaining harmony in your environment. You have the ability to intuit accurate judgments. Your strength comes from ability to listen and absorb and make balanced assessment.

Career path career path to master skillset: Diplmomat. Counselor. Mediator. Personal Assistant.

Leadership Style: Collaborating

Speaking Style: Coaxing

Emotional Expression: Empathic

Value: Intuition

Famous People: Rosa Parks, Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jay Leno, Adrien Brody

Life Path Number 3

Archetype: The Empress

Superpower: Imagining

Brilliance: Birthing a masterpiece that inspires others to take action

Skill Set: You are the most creative of all the Life Path Numbers with a need for self-expression that has the capacity to bring joy, optimism and uplift others. You have a flair for beauty through the line of clothing to an artful play on words which is exuberant, dramatic and imaginative. Your natural gift with the word enables you to nurture and develop others to give their very best.

Career path career path to master skillset: Artist, Performer, Cook, Fashionista, Interior Designer, Restauranteur, Dancer, Cheerleader, Life Coach

Leadership Style: Captivating

Speaking Style: Compelling

Emotional Expression:Inspiring

Value: Beauty

Famous People: Queen Victoria, Indira Gandi, Charles Dickens, Hillary Clinton, John Travolta, Cameron Diaz, Rhianna, David Bowie

Life Path Number 4

Archetype: The Emperor

Superpower: Organising

Brilliance: Going to the ends of the earth to make it happen

Skill Set: A master of self-discipline, you have the ability to plan, fix and build with practical knowhow. When your heart believes in the mission you take orders and carry out the mission with dedication and perseverance. You are an excellent organiser and planner because you have the innate ability to use your common sense. Often, you find yourself called to finish what others have started because you have a reputation for delivering results within the time, budget and resources.

Career path career path to master skillset: Project Manager, Event Planner, Engineer, Mechanic, Accountant, Management, Military, Construction, Business Builder, Logistics

Leadership Style: Commanding

Speaking Style: Instructing

Emotional Expression: Honesty

Value: Loyalty

Famous People: Donald Trump, Joseph Stalin, Kim Kardashian, Oprah Winfrey, Margaret Thatcher, Bill Gates

Life Path Number 5

Archetype: The Activist

Superpower: Connecting

Brilliance: Moving forwards through transformational change. Metamorphosis.

Skill Set: As an agent of change you are able to communicate with people where they're at and get them moving in a better direction. Public relations, marketing, sales, promotions and networking come naturally to you. You believe in freedom in all things whether it's speech or movement. Progressive and liberal, variety is the spice of life.

Career path career path to master skillset: Communications, Advertising, Publicity, Sales, Travel Agent, Tour Guide, Spiritual Coach, Change Management

Leadership Style: Educating

Speaking Style: Motivating

Emotional Expression: Provocative

Value: Freedom

Famous People: Abraham Lincoln, Beyonce Knowles, Malcolm X, Angelina Jolie, Steven Spielberg

Life Path Number 6

Archetype: The Lover

Superpower: Responding

Brilliance: Serving others so that they flourish

Skill Set: An innate duty to family, home, community and animals. Caring, giving and a love for everyone that is lucky enough to cross your path. You'll love any job in the service industry where you can make life more comfortable, easy and luxurious for others.

Career path career path to master skillset: Nursing, Doctor, Beauty Products, Family run or Home-based business, Animal Trainer, Social Work, Customer Service, School Teacher, Public Servant.

Leadership Style: Pastoral

Speaking Style: Gathering

Emotional Expression: Caring

Value: Responsibility

Famous People: Joan of Arc, Christopher Reeve, Eleanor Roosevelt, Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr.,

John Lennon

Life Path Number 7

Archetype: The Warrior

Superpower: Searching

Brilliance: Championing the mission because it makes a difference in the world

Skill Set: Thorough, reflective and private, you test and analyse everything. A born seeker of spiritual, scientific or technological realms, once you've learned the meaning, you'll share your findings with others.

Career path career path to master skillset: Physicist, Private Detective, Researcher, Professor, Specialist, Monk or Nun, Computer Programmer, Marine Biologist, Anthropologist

Leadership Style: Heroic

Speaking Style: Questioning

Emotional Expression: Wilful

Value: Faith

Famous People: Princess Diana, Bear Grylls, Sir Winston Churchill, JFK, Stephen Hawkin, Bruce Lee, Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Life Path Number 8

Archetype: The Boss

Superpower: Decision Making

Brilliance: Harnessing the universal & physical laws to increase circulation and prosperity to supercharge growth

Skill Set: You're ambitious, confident and you possess execllent judgement when it comes to money, commercial matters and the building and accumulation of wealth. You have the mental agility to steer the orgnisation through strategic, operational and tactical activity. As a high achiever you have the capability to accomplish status, recognition and become an authority in your industry.

Career path career path to master skillset: CEO, Surgeon, President of bank, Judge, Real Estate Broker, Head of Hospital

Leadership Style: Authoritative

Speaking Style: Directive

Emotional Expression: Fair

Value: Power

Famous People: Nelson Mandela, Alexander Graham Bell, Elizabeth Taylor, Michelangelo, 50 Cent

Life Path Number 9

Archetype: The Mentor

Superpower: Guiding

Brilliance: Completing the quest, learning from the lessons of the experience so that everyone can benefit.

Skill Set: You are broadminded, tolerant and philanthropic. As an explorer of inner and outer worlds you are recognised as the wise one and the teacher from life experience. You feel deeply for individuals less fortunate than yourself and find ways to bring healing to them which makes you a natural humanitarian. You have the ability to hold an elevated responsible position which enables you to make a difference to mankind.

Career path career path to master skillset: Philanthropist, Ambassador, Human Rights Worker, Charity Worker, Publisher, Educator, Healer

Leadership Style: Elder

Speaking Style: Advisory

Emotional Expression: Compassionate

Value: Wisdom

Famous People: Mahatma Gandi, Mother Teresa, Jim Carrey, Bob Marley, Morgan Freeman

Life Path Master Number 11

Archetype: The Oracle

Superpower: Divining

Brilliance: Predicting the way forward

Skill Set: You are gifted with extra sensory perception, visionary and clairvoyant skills. Charismatic, magnetic and electric, others look to you for spiritual truth and illumination. With your ability to see both sides, you often play the role of peacemaker so you are skilled at conflict resolution. With your ability to understand human nature, you will form a world view and speak from the platform with a universal message that uplifts large groups that seek change for the better.

Career path career path to master skillset: Spiritual leader, Philosopher, Diplomat, Television Personality, Aeroplane Pilot, Film Director, Inventor

Leadership Style: Illuminating

Speaking Style: Channelling

Emotional Expression: Enthusiastic

Value: Clarity

Famous People: Prince William, Tony Blair, Barrack Obama, Michelle Obama, Tony Robbins, Adolf Hitler, Mozart, Bill Clinton

Life Path Master Number 22

Archetype: The Rainmaker

Superpower: Manifesting

Brilliance: Making things happen as if by magic

Skill Set: You are visionary, idealistic and able to inspire others to make the dream happen. You have the ability to download an inspirational view, construct a sound plan and have the energy to make it happen. From conception to manifestation, this is why you are a Rainmaker. As a person that walks the talk you naturally marshall the collective forces of people, ideas and resources to make dreams happen. You understands large organisations and have to works on international scale as an outlet for your energy. What is rare is that you possess uncommonly sound common sense.

Career path to master skillset:Architect, Global Tech CEO, CEO international business, President, Promoter

Leadership Style: Practical and Inspiring

Speaking Style: Knowing

Emotional Expression: Presence

Value: Finesse

Famous People: Richard Branson, Dalai Lama, David Attenborough, Paul McCartney, Luciano Pavarotti, Leonardo da Vinci

Life Path Master Number 33

Archetype: The Guru

Superpower: Protection

Brilliance: Showing that love is the key, love is the answer.

Skill Set: You have a powerful healing energy that is associated with Christ/ Buddha Consciousness. You are here to serve, administer and benefit as many people as possible. You have a burning desire and need to right injustice. Joyful, loving, energetic, touch the hearts of those who ask for your protection, care and assistant. Through your hands on work you will raises the vibration of love to it's highest level which is compassion for all.

Career path career path to master skillset: Social Services Director, Artist, Spiritual Leader, Expressive Arts Director, Leader of compassion

Leadership Style: Ministering

Speaking Style: Emanating

Emotional Expression: Altruistic


Famous People: Albert Einstein, Meryl Streep, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Francis Ford Coppola

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